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Статья директора в каталоге МАКС-2011.

Статья директора в каталоге МАКС-2011.

Federal governmental enterprise "Scientific-and-testing center of rocket-and-space industry" — the head center of Roskosmos for und exercising of RSE articles and launch complexes" (FGE С RSI").

In order to solve the missions contemplated by the Federal Space Program of Russia, the leading rocket design bureaux of the industry develop the advanced launch vehicles (LV) with the use of up-to-date liquid propellant engines (LPE) operating on the rocket propellants (oxygen-kerosene RD-180, RD-191, RD-0124), oxygen-hydrogen (RD-0120, RD-0146), oxygen-liquefied natural gas.

The development of advanced LV will necessitate to conduct a wide range of tests using experimental installations and bench tests of the engines and rocket stages.

About 60000 tests ofsamples of space equipment and launching equipment have been conducted during 60 years at the test benches of FGE "STC RSI". Around 60 types of rocket engines, more than 260 power plants, 140 various-purpose space vehicles, 3 orbital stations, orbital spacecraft "Buran" have been tested.

The accumulated experience has allowed the FGE "STC RSI" to become a plenipotentiary participant of a mission of specific state importance — building of the rocket-and-space complex "Angara". In 2009—2010 the gas-dynamic test of the first stage of launching of this rocket and cryostatic tests of tanks were conducted at the factory.

The universal rocket module URM-1 of LV "Angara " has successfully passed a full cycle of cold and firing bench tests at the test bench IS-102 in 2009, and ' on November 18, 2010 the same test bench was used for successful firing test of the module URM-2 after conducting its cold testing. The work conducted in 2009—2010 was a conclusive stage of the ground exercising of the rocket complex "Angara" before flight tests.

At the same time a manufacture of the parts and assemblies of the mobile launch service tower for the Guiana Space Centre "Kuru" was in progress. The factory tests conducted at FGE "STC RSI "have proven the design characteristics of the mobile tower.

A specific place in the factory's activity was occupied by the tests of the oxygen-hydrogen liquidpropellant engines 11D56,11D57, RD-0120, KVD-1, and nuclear propellant engine llB91Kh. The first in the country and for the time being the only one in Russia industrial facilityfor production of liquid hydrogen with capacity up to 800 tperyearhas been established and is operatedfor LPE exercis¬ing. Thefire-and-explosion warning system (FEWS) and emergency protection system (EPS) have been developed, and a technology of safe test performance has been implemented in the course of tests. The application of FEWS and EPS has provided for the safe accomplishment of complex bench exercising of the rocket unit 12KRB in 1999.

The experience of safe performance of firing tests of LPE and propulsion packages on hydrogen was to the full extent used in the course of conduct-ing thefiring endurance test of the demonstrator engine S5.86.1000-0No. 2 featuring thrust of 7.5 if developed by design bureau Khimmash named after A. M. Isaev on oxygen fuel + LNG (liquefied natural gas). The test has been performed on September 29, 2010 at the test bench V2A IS-106. A record duration of 1160s of running an engine of such dimension has been attained at single starting. A possibility of durable operation ofa closed-loop engine with afterburning of reducing producer gas on a propellant system of liquid oxygen + LNG as well as a possibility of conducting durable tests have been proven.

At present, the work is underway to prepare the technological systems of benches B2 and B3for conducting tests thereat of the upper stages on hydrogen fuel of the advanced LV with full fuel tank of propulsion package (up to 6500 kg of liquid hydrogen).

A program of work regarding new launchers for the cosmodrome "Vostochny " is being presently shaped. The FGE "STC RSL" has been appointed by Roskosmos as the customer-builder of this cosmodrome and prepares the bench facilities for testing stages of the new rockets.

The work for building altitude bench is underway for exercising the second stage engine. A task of modeling the exhaust gas-dynamic duct ofthis benchfor testing engine RD-0146 can be solved by the use of supercomputers — automated workstations (A WS) based on the compact supercomputerwith power efficiency of 1TFLOPS developed within theframework of Presidential program and "Development of supercomputers and grid-technologies" project.

The test complex KI-1 with vacuum chamber 600/300 furnished with simulators reproducing the major space environment factors has allowed conducting the ground exercisingof than 140 space vehicles (SV) of both military and civil purpose within 43 years: orbital stations and spacecraft; automatic interplanetary stations for exploration of the Moon, Mars, Venus; satellites ofradio mmunication, radio broadcasting television, meteorology, astrophysics and geodetics; satellites for cartography and photographing surface of the Earth, photoelectronic surveillance; spacesuits, power-generating plants, upper-stage rockets and many other articles.

Introduction of the oil-free pumping system has allowed carrying out the thermal vacuum testing (ТУТ) of SVin standard version and has provided for successful testing of'SV- land SV- 2 ofthe articles "Yamal-100", "Yamal- ", "Express MD-1", "Elektro-L", "Spektr-R", "Kupon-1", "Spektr- RG", "Persona", "S-l", "Monitor-E", "Sterkh", "KRT", "Phobos-Grunt", KazSat-1", "Kaz.Sat-2", "Fregat", "Rokot", etc. Cooperation is conducted with the companies of China, India, Republic of Korea and Brazil within a framework of implementing the international space programs.

The FGE "STC RSI" comprises test complexes, which do not have analogs in the space and rocket industry of Russia: IS-101 and IS-102 for testing rocket stages with LPEfeaturing thrust up to 1200 if; benches for testing LPE operated on traditional and advanced components (including the bench IS-105 for testing LPE on methane-oxygen components); bench complex for optimization of the oxygen-hydrogen LPEfeaturing thrust up to 2001 and the bench complex for testing oxygen-hydrogen upper-stage units including facility for production of liquid hydrogen with capacity of 8001 per year; altitude-temperature chambers for thermal vacuum tests of the space vehicles and modules of orbital stations.

Thus, by using the bench facilities of the FGE "STC RSI "all the industry missions regarding bench exercising ofthe LPE, powerplants and space vehicles envisaged by the Federal Space Program of Russia up to 2015 can be solved.


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